Voters decide on a number of contested state house races in the Republican Party

(Jefferson County) Current Jefferson County Elections Clerk Ken Waller was chosen by voters to represent the Republican Party in running for the State House of Representatives in the 114th District.

Waller, who is a Festus resident, defeated his opponent Ann Moloney 2,606 votes to 2,065.

Waller goes over his campaign trail and mentions he’s ready to tackle Jefferson City.

Waller received more than 55 percent of the vote and will now be opposed by Democratic challenger Jessie Shepherd in the November election.

Other House of Representative seats were voted on in Jefferson County.

Running for the republican spot in the houses 97th District, David Casteel beat Ryan Jones with 68 percent of the vote.

There is not a democratic opponent in the 97th house District in November.

In the 111th District, Gary Bonacker took the Republican nomination with 2,811 votes.

Bonacker was followed by Cecelie Williams with 1,388 and Christopher Ray with 698 votes. Bonacker will be unopposed in the General Election.

Phil Amato was voted in as the Republican candidate for the 113th District.

Amato defeated Terry Burgess 2,291 votes to 2,019 votes. The 113th District does not have a democrat challenger in November.