Winkelman Named Crystal City Softball Assistant in New Program with Herculaneum
(CRYSTAL CITY)    This Fall, Herculaneum High School will welcome Crystal City High School players to its softball team.  The two districts announced the agreement last spring.  In recent seasons, Crystal City has been unable to have enough players to field a team.  Crystal Brackhage is the Herculaneum head coach and John Winkelman has been tapped by Crystal City to be an assistant coach.
Winkelman began teaching College English part time at Crystal City High School last fall.
According to Winkelman, as the year went along, he acquired a commercial drivers license to drive Hornet sports teams to away games.

Winkleman says he is very excited to have a role in this new opportunity for Crystal City athletes.

Each day after school, Crystal City players will board a bus driven by Winkelman to practice at Herculaneum.
The Herculaneum Lady Blackcats will open their softball season at home on August 26th against Saxony Lutheran.