1 of 3 Jury Trials Set in Relation to Bollinger County Murder

(Marble Hill) Three individuals continue to face felony criminal charges because of a 2021 murder in Bollinger County.

One of the three not charged with murder, but still related to the case, had his jury trial set Thursday at the courthouse in Marble Hill.

64-year-old Ricky Nanney of Marble Hill is charged with three counts of tampering with physical evidence.

His jury trial is going to be next summer on July 11th and 12th with his last chance to plea bargain on June 15th.

21-year-old Brianna Roberts of Illinois was murdered in October of 2021.

Roberts had been missing for a couple weeks until her remains were found by police on property in Bollinger County.

Investigators believe Roberts was assaulted and then killed by 21-year-old Kaitlyn Morgan of Marble Hill and 26-year-old Eric Nanney of Greenville.

They both are facing first degree murder charges.

Eric Nanney is the son of Ricky Nanney.

Morgan and the younger Nanney became suspects when police found out those two were the last individuals to have had contact with Roberts.

Morgan and Eric Nanney’s next day in court has been set for February 16th where the two will either cut a plea deal or have their murder trial dates set.