Becky Ruth goes in depth about the gas tax increase

(Jefferson County, MO) State Representative Becky Ruth of Festus helped to spearhead the passage of the gas tax increase for additional funding to MODOT for improved infrastructure throughout the state. Ruth says the last time there was a statewide increase in taxes at the gas pumps was in 1992 and was fully funded in 1996.

Ruth says Missouri residents that don’t want to pay the additional tax can save their gas receipts, and they can do so a few ways.

Ruth goes through the process of how the money comes back to you.

There are other provisions included in the bill, including the increase of the decal fees for electric vehicles. Even when the tax increase is fully implemented, Missouri gas will still be less than the states of Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska. Missouri gas prices will be just a few cents more than the states of Tennessee and Kentucky, but will also be higher than Oklahoma and Kansas, but those two states have toll roads.