Bunker Girl Scout Troop Selling Cookies

(Bunker) It’s time to get your order in for those tasty Girl Scout cookies.

Many troops around the area have started selling those delectable sweet snacks, including Girl Scout Troop 88, based out of Bunker.

That troop is made up of about 19 girls from Bunker, 2 from Ellington and 2 girls from Viburnum.

Tiffany Bullock has two daughters in Troop 88 and Tiffany is also the troop leader.

Bullock says there are multiple ways to pre-order Girl Scout cookies from Troop 88.

You can pre-order Girl Scout cookies through January 30th.

Bullock says the Bunker troop will also order extra boxes just in case you didn’t get your order in on time.

Another way to pre-order is by going to Tiffany Bullock’s Facebook page or you can give her a call at 573-247-4344.

Troop 88 will start delivering cookies after March 11th.

That’s the date they expect the cookies to be delivered to them from the baker.