City of Irondale to Receive Grant Worth Over Half a Million Dollars
The City of Irondale is excited about receiving a grant totaling over a half a million dollars. Mayor Regina Kelley tells us what this money has been ear-marked for.

Mayor Kelley says this grant has excited some people in their small town in southeastern Washington County.

Mayor Kelley hopes work on the new Irondale community building will start in a couple months. They do have some details to work out first. The mayor is hopeful the new building will be finished near the end of the year. The grant is a Community Development Block Grant through the Missouri Department of Economic Development. The Meramec Regional Planning Commission prepared the grant request and will administer the grant on behalf of the City of Irondale. The City will contribute a $10,200 in-cash match and a $20,000 in-kind match and Washington County is contributing a $61,500 in-kind match on top of the C.D.B.G. grant. Irondale is a growing town. The town had 445 residents after the 2010 census but now, after the 2020 census, the population has rose to 575 residents.