Colonel Olson Talks Use of Force by Police

(Jefferson City) The use of force, by police, to subdue someone continues to be a hot button topic around the country.

Protests against police brutality and for police reform emerged after an officer in Minneapolis knelt on the neck of George Floyd until he died.

Colonel Eric Olson, the Superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, answered questions on this topic during the Governor’s online news conference yesterday.

He explained that there are many different techniques in use.

States have begun to ban the choke hold style technique, when apprehending someone, Olson says he’s open to suggestions for Missouri.

Reporters asked Olson what kind of deescalation techniques are taught in training and if he believes officers are properly trained to do their jobs.

Protests continue all over the country pushing for police reform and retribution for the officers who have unjustly killed people of color.