Comtrea to Merge with Compass Health Network
(FESTUS)    Comtrea, a community mental health center based in Festus will merge with Compass Health Network, effective July 1st.  That according to a news release today from the two agencies.   After integrating under the unified banner of Compass Health Network, the agencies plan to serve an estimated 120,000
people annually, with a combined workforce of over 4,200.
Comtrea was established in 1973, to support a halfway house and has evolved into a health agency providing primary care, dental services, mental health, domestic violence services, children’s advocacy centers, and substance use treatment.
Sue Curfman, President and CEO of Comtrea, says the proposed merger is exciting news.

According to Curfman, the merger will allow for an expansion of services in Comtrea’s service area.

The news release states plans are in place to assure a smooth transition for both Comtrea staff and patients. Officials from both organizations want to reassure all those served by Comtrea that they will continue to receive the excellent care to which they are accustomed during and after
the merger process.
Sue Curfman will be our in-studio guest Monday morning at 10:30 on KJFF 1400AM to talk more about the proposed merger between Comtrea and Compass Health Network.