Coronavirus Numbers as of Today

COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Missouri. According to the Coronavirus dashboard on the DHSS website 21,043 people have tested positive for the virus. 998 people have lost their life. The website shows 367,406 people have gotten a PCR test in Missouri, with 20,390 positives. A PCR test determines if a person has an active case of COVID-19. 42,388 people received a serology test, with 1,537 positives. A serology test determines if a person previously had the virus and their body produced antibodies to fight it. The dashboard says “An individual patient may have multiple test encounters”. The state’s seven day change on cases is up 9.7% and the 24 hour increase is up 1.6%. 412 people in Missouri are in the hospital due to COVID-19. All of this data reflects a 72 hour delay due to the time it takes to get testing results back.