Covid-19 Cases Continue to Multiply with More Deaths in the Region

(Farmington) Covid-19 cases continue to multiply in Missouri, including here in southeast Missouri.

There are now 57,379 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the state with 1,301 deaths.

Locally, 24 deaths are from Jefferson County, 18 in Franklin, Perry County has 4 deaths, St. Francois has 2 confirmed deaths and 2 suspected deaths.

Ste. Genevieve and Washington counties have 1 death each and Bollinger and Shannon counties now have their first reported deaths.

There are 1,544 confirmed cases in Jefferson County, 350 in St. Francois County, 223 in Perry, 71 in Crawford County, 69 in Washington County, 64 confirmed cases in Bollinger, Wayne County has 55, Ste. Genevieve 53, Madison has 24 cases, Iron County has 21, Reynolds 16 and Dent County has 10 confirmed cases.

Every age group in the state from 1 to over 80 has at least one death in the state.

The age group with the most deaths from Covid-19 in Missouri is those over 80 with 657 deaths, 327 have died between 70 and 79.

There has been 192 deaths for those 60 to 69.

162-thousand Americans have now died from the coronavirus and the U.S. has now surpassed the 5-million mark in confirmed cases of Covid-19, leading all other countries by far.