Enjoy A Night Of Laughs Where The Whole Family Can Be Entertained
Senior Couple Sitting On Beach Together Laughing

(Farmington) A year and a half with lockdowns, masks, a world-wide pandemic and more, we could all use a night of laughing. The Open Heart Assembly Church in Farmington will host a comedy night on Saturday, August 28th. The event is headlined by Dan Kulp who has been featured on Good Morning America. Comedians Paul May and local comedian Linda May will also be making you laugh that evening. We asked Linday May how what it feels like going back out in front of a crowd.

May tells us a little bit more about the performers she will be sharing the stage with on Saturday the 28th.

May says not to worry about leaving the children at home as there will be clean, family-friendly comedy all night long. There’s free admission but a love offering will be taken up. Doors open at 5:30 Saturday evening, August 28th. Open Heart Assembly Church is located at 1803 North Washington Avenue in Farmington.