Jefferson County Fire and Ambulance Propositions all fail

(Jefferson County) It was a tough election for local fire and ambulance districts yesterday (Tuesday). The Hillsboro Fire Protection District asked voters to pass Proposition Full-Time Staffing, but it was voted down with 53 percent voting no, and around 47 percent voting yes. Hillsboro Chief Brian Gaudet says they certainly tried to get the word out the best they could.

Two propositions in the Dunklin Fire Protection District failed as nearly 70 percent of voters said no to Proposition P, and 68 Percent of voters voted against Proposition S.

Also, the Big River Ambulance District placed a bond issue called Proposition Safety, and it failed with only 53 percent of the voters saying yes. And the North Jefferson County Ambulance District also had Proposition Safety on the ballot, and 55 percent of the voters voted yes. Both Propositions needed a 4/7 majority or 57 percent of the vote to pass.