Long Murder Trial Set for Wayne County Man Accused of Killing Family of Three

(Jefferson City) The Regional Radio listening area could have one of the longest murder trials in recent memory next year.

The murder originated from Wayne County.

In January 2018, 26-year-old Drew Atchison of Williamsville allegedly killed a 17-month old baby girl along with the girls’ parents who were from Mill Spring.

Wayne County authorities say Atchison slit the throats of Harley Michael Million and Samara Kitts.

At first, he left the baby in a locked room with dogs inside.

Investigators say Atchison put the parents’ bodies in their pickup truck, drove into Butler County and hid their bodies beneath blankets and trash.

Atchison then told police he went back to the home to get rid of evidence.

He also retrieved the toddler from the locked room, took the girl to the Butler County location where he dumped her parents’ bodies, held the child away from him and shot three times.

The first shot malfunctioned, he missed the second time and he told police on the third try, he killed the baby girl.

He then dumped the baby’s body where he dumped her parents’ bodies.

Atchison then attempted to hide the Million’s truck back near his home in Wayne County by covering it under a carport.

Atchison’s case is being heard now in Cole County Missouri on a change of venue.

Last week in Cole County court, dates for Atchison’s murder trial was set.

The trial will begin on September 26th of 2022 and could continue through October 21st of 2022.

He is supposed to have a motion hearing this year on November 8th.

Police say Atchison confessed to all three killings after he was arrested.