(HILLSBORO) Hillsboro Hawk pitcher and first baseman is a member of the Texas Rangers organization after traveling to Dallas, Texas and signing his major league contract on Wednesday.

Brewer was selected by the Rangers in the 32nd round of the Major League Baseball First-Year Player’s Draft back in June. After a month or so of negotiations, it’s finally official and Brewer couldn’t be more thrilled.

As Brewer was getting ready to sign his contract while in Texas, he couldn’t keep his thoughts straight.

Brewer has already been shown the ropes.

Brewer gives us a little taste of what the first few days of being a professional baseball player have been like while in Arizona.

Brewer has truly appreciated the Jefferson County community and its reaction to his signing.

According to Michael Brewer, the contract he signed with the Rangers is for an undetermined length of time. Basically, the contract is up if Michael decides to quit or the Rangers decide to cut him. Either way, Brewer will not be going through with his scholarship to play at Southern Miss as he forfeits his amateur status by signing with the Rangers.

While at Hillsboro High School, Michael Brewer had 8 home runs, 53 RBI’s, 99 innings pitched, 148 strikeouts, and a 3.04 E.R.A. The Rangers will have Brewer focus strictly on pitching.

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