Other Person Linked to Crawford County Murder Pleads Guilty…Gets Shock Time

(Steelville) Back in November, 20-year-old Beau Mackenna Dyer of Steelville decided to avoid a criminal trial and she ended up pleading guilty to second degree murder and armed criminal action for last year’s death of Albert Terry Barton in Crawford County.

Dyer is now spending the next 30 years in prison.

The other person charged in this case has decided to plead guilty to his role in the Barton murder case.

51-year-old Eric M. Ray elected to plead guilty to abandonment of a corpse and tampering with evidence in a felony prosecution.

Ray was sentenced to 4 years for each conviction but the judge decided to give him 120 days of shock jail time.

Albert Barton had disappeared on June 6th of last year and his body was found by police on June 30th.

After interviewing Dyer and Ray, Crawford County deputies learned where Barton’s body was located.