Perry County A Great Place To Watch Solar Eclipse
(Perryville) We’re less than two months away from the next total solar eclipse which will pass over parts of southeast Missouri on Tuesday, April 8th.
The path of totality will pass over Park Hills, Farmington, the Arcadia Valley, Fredericktown, Centerville, Piedmont, Ste. Genevieve and Perryville just to name a few.
Trish Erzfeld is the tourism director for Perry County’s Heritage and Tourism group.
She says people not from the area wanting to view the eclipse should plan ahead.

Erzfeld says the weather will be the wild card during eclipse day.

Erzfeld says even if it’s too cloudy to see the eclipse, it’ll still get dark, the temperature will still drop and the wind direction will still shift.
Perry County will be one of the better places to see the eclipse on Monday afternoon, April 8th. Eclipse totality will begin at 1:58 p.m. with 3 minutes and 47 seconds worth of totality.
Perry County was also in the path of totality during the last total solar eclipse a few years ago.