(Perryville) There has been a big change in this week’s attempted abduction case out of Perryville.

A news release from the Perryville Police Department says a woman called the department last night and told police she was the person who gave an 11-year-old a ride back to the child’s house Tuesday morning in her car.

The woman also told police she knew the family involved along with the children’s aunt.

After re-interviewing the 11-year-old, the girl admitted to police she gave false information because she did not want to go against the information her sister provided to their father and police.

The news release goes on to say that although the incident from October 24th had similar characteristics as this week’s reported incident, there is no indication the October report was false.

It is still an active case.

A description of the October attempted abduction suspect is a balding white, middle-aged man with missing teeth and an unknown tattoo on his left hand.

He was driving an older model silver car at the time of the alleged incident.

If you have any info, you are asked to call the Perryville Police Department.