Plans for Start of New School Year in Viburnum

(Viburnum) Even though Covid-19 seems to be spiraling out of control after just about every state opened back up, school districts are full steam ahead with plans to start this new, upcoming school year on time and with students on campus.

The Viburnum School District will give kids one less day of possible virus exposure as they start their new 4-day school week later this month.

Kent Sherrow is the district’s superintendent.

Here’s the mask plan for the Viburnum schools.

However, C.D.C. guidance recommends teachers, staff and students wear cloth face masks in public settings while on campus.

We asked Superintendent Sherrow why they have decided to give students at Viburnum a choice.

Students at Viburnum will also be given the option to learn virtually from home.

The first day at the district is set for Tuesday, August 25th.