Reynolds County Leader Concerned about Tourist Season while Pandemic Continues

(Centerville) Many counties in Missouri are not waiting for the governor to enact a statewide Stay at Home order.

Counties have began doing that on their own to keep Covid-19 from spreading.

Joe Lloyd, the presiding commissioner of Reynolds County, says they are seriously thinking about it.

Last weekend at Elephant Rocks State Park in Iron County, visitors flooded that park to more than capacity and many of those park-goers were not adhering to social distancing rules.

Iron County Presiding Commissioner Jim Scaggs then requested that park be shutdown temporarily and the governor complied with that request.

We asked Lloyd if he’s worried that a big crowd could flood Reynolds County’s popular state park this weekend.

Lloyd did put out this request to all citizens.

Lloyd tells Regional Radio Reynolds County has tested 12 individuals for the virus.

Five tests have come back negative, five are pending and two tests came back positive.

Those two positive case individuals are from the Ellington area and are recovering at their homes.