School Resource Officer Reports routinely Finding “Carts” at Seckman High School

(Jefferson County) Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Handler Marc Gibson, who is also a School resource Officer stationed at Seckman High School, is reporting he is routinely finding vaping devices made specifically to vape THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana.

According to an update from Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Grant Bissell, Deputy Gibson has found and taken away more of these vaping devices this school year than he has in any previous school year.

The vaping devices are called “carts” and typically they have some sort of symbol, marking, or stamp on them that apparently is the universal symbol for these types of devices in California.

Bissell says there is a lot of unknown’s surrounding these devices.

In addition, there have been rumors circulating that a few students have overdosed at Seckman High School.

While there have been medical calls involving one or two students this past week, the sheriff’s office can not confirm whether or not they were “overdoes”.